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You move between places like clouds and water.

But come back to the desert

where a grave becomes a safe haven,

and your bones come alive again.

Tremors of light and wind

in strangers bodies and the shock of being seen.

You stood and watched a rainbow

in the middle of a storm cloud

And a man made a paper camera for you

to watch the eclipse

as you flew across the sky.


Be Careful with a Fool

I am thinking about that Thursday.
That night when you came over and we danced in my living room underneath cheap paper balloon lights.
We danced for three hours.
Your body like a reed and easy to ignite.
Years younger than me.
Nineteen was it?
I still feel kind of guilty but not really.

Hard Feelings


The sun retreats
And leaves twilight on these fractures
Precious raw stones
Umber, ochre, lavender, apricot, bistre
Sorrow is beauty too, inclusions

You’re hard, callous and you suit this place
The night falls in obsidian
We sit heavy and weighted
A fire shadowboxing, veiled eyes
Only the moon heard
I can’t remember any of it now
I just remember that something cracked, caved in
The gashes as deep as the canyon

You always gave me rocks instead of flowers.
Jade, labradorite, amethyst, core samples even
Flowers die, you said. Rocks mean I love you forever.

That day we set out, I looked back at Vegas glittering in the desert
looked and looked until it was gone.

September night


In the rain, black metal sidewalks slick with the cares of day. Usually I am alone, sometimes thoughts but not lately. Train rattles and shudders.
In the rain, illuminated night sky. Sound of laughter, bicycle in the distance wends its way home somewhere. The dog trails behind.
You are of the day here in the brown fortress. Then when the night swells this place is mine.

A winter’s day in Toronto


Bleak stranger, dimly familar
You are unknown to me but unforgotten
The shift of your smile reminded me of someone
I once knew


Journal Excerpt

Flying over the prairies. Beautiful weather. The sky is as smooth as watercolour paint.
Far beneath, the patches and thatches look like bacteria samples embedded upon pieces of glass.
Flesh and fungus, cells and bone.
All these things I am holding inside of me.


Sweet baby lullaby
We wished for you under a wintery moon
Sweet baby starshine
On midnight rivers sparkle
Clouds clinging to grey mountains sit watchful
Morning quiet, solemn and there you are
Perfect love, sweet baby.