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Love Letters


On the back of a sign at Chesterman Beach, Tofino


Standing still. Perfectly.
As you rush by. Unseeing.
Caught up in plans for the day.
That make you feel important.

I sit like a cat. Watchful.
The sound of the door closing.
Dust particles dance as the air displaces.
I am alone. Again.

That feeling rushes up.
Despair. Is it? Screaming.
For attachment. For recognition.
For someone to tell me I am alive.
For anything but this.

Standing still.

So near and yet so far

Lavender sky with a moon
full to bursting
Beckons another night alone
But you are there, just over the horizon and I know that you are home.
Oh how I wish that the moon would take me, over the hill
To where you lie.

Stars twinkle brightly, they pop into darkness
I whisper a wish to the brightest among them and send it off into the

Oh how I wish that I could see you, just a glimpse before I go
But the wind dances by me and the sleeping world deepens and I wait for the
Morning to come.

It’s Complicated

Don’t you know the sky is falling? Can’t you smell the sea? It’s calling.
Blood boiling on a slow burn. Head rolling from these things I’ve learned.
This day is just apart from all others. Things we’ve done can never be discovered.
There are satellites and comets in the sky above. But all signs point to you my love.
Butterflies dead on the sand at the beach. Flew through the black and Neptune’s reach.
You are the only one for me it’s true. But why can’t I seem to convince you?

Daylight comes and your eyes they are grey. Hold back the sunshine, we don’t want it today.
With you in my arms so trapped we lay. Prison or sancturary, who’s to say?

All the fools in the world are here trapped in this dream.
Don’t call me a liar. Don’t call me your friend.
Just go on your way. Nothing here to defend.


You leave me underneath a look
expect me to follow
the light in your eyes
I see many things
but not all
There will always be this between us I think.